торгую догмами и эскапизмами.
my whole life i will be learning to live without you
i will fill the emptiness of your absence
with pictures on my zenit
with thai sunsets
with fixing my body by going to the gym
with constant ryanair flights
with mosh pit concerts
with winter walks in snowstorms
with alcohol
with occasional smoking
with sex with these arrogant mansluts
with books about great adventures
with great adventures of my own
with midnight teas and writing
with work
with friendship
with laughter
with excellence -- because you know that i will achieve it even without you

i will overcompensate and live harder and brighter than i ever would with you

and some call this "living for yourself"
and others call it "loving yourself first"
but i just call it fucking lonely, fucking incomplete, fucking unhappy
because yes, i have not met you yet

... but what if i never do.


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